Client Spotlight – Amy W.

Amy W’s transformation at the Training Room has gone beyond the physical.  Amy has not only changed her body, she has also completely shifted her mentality about food and her attitude toward working out.  She has learned the ins and outs of fitness and nutrition and has really taken the time to understand the changes she was making, rather than just going through the motions.  Oh, and along the way she also managed to lose 35lb and 10% body fat through a LOT of hard work and determination- not too shabby huh?  Here’s her story:

I first started working with Amy in September, 2010.  At the time she had come into the Training Room a few times to take classes, and decided to ramp up her workout regimen with some personal training sessions.  In our initial assessment I learned a few things about her.  She weighed 165lb, and was holding onto 30% body fat.  She had a great, bubbly personality and her goal was to lose some weight and do something worthy of making the TR blog!  But most glaringly, her diet was TERRIBLE.

The most amazing thing about Amy was that she truly had no idea how bad her diet was.  According to Amy, she was trying to eat “healthy” in the first food log that she brought in for me – meaning that it had been even worse before!  Here are a couple sample entries from her original food logs:

Disclaimer: Since these entries were from a few weeks after we had started working together, Amy had already started to make changes to her original diet.  She switched her breakfasts from bagels and cereal to eggs and she was working on getting a lean protein portion in with each meal.  (We couldn’t find the original entries because she probably threw them away!)


  • Raspberries
  • Eggs
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Coffee
  • Luna Bar
  • 1/2 Peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chunky tomato bisque
  • Bread and butter
  • 2 glasses white wine


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 slice whole wheat toast
  • peach
  • milk
  • coffee
  • grapes
  • string cheese
  • navy bean soup with saltines
  • grapes and pineapple
  • Reeses peanut butter cup
  • green beans and hummus
  • milk
  • peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat
  • 2 bites of dessert
  • 1 glass white wine

*Other common foods included (lots of) pizza, mozzarella sticks, cookies and various desserts throughout the day.

I’m not going to lie, after seeing her first food logs, I was a little worried that changing her eating habits was going to be a huge challenge.  Amy’s attempts at eating healthy (as shown above) were based on eating less of the same unhealthy foods she had been eating before.  Her diet still consisted of mostly carbohydrates and a lot of sugary foods.  All I can say is that I’ve never had anyone transform their diet so drastically and stick to it so wholeheartedly.  Every week I would give Amy a new behavior goal – one lifestyle change she needed to make that would help her to get one step closer to her outcome goal of weight loss.  Without fail, Amy would come in the next week with a food log that reflected her compliance, and a weigh-in that showed another pound lost on the scale.  As her weight went down, the goals had to get more strict in order to avoid a plateau.  Amy never blinked an eye when I suggested she eat protein with every meal, or when I asked her to try to eat grain-based carbohydrates only after workouts, or when I told her to cut her “cheat meals” down from 4 per week to 2-3.  When she got stuck at the same weight for a couple weeks in a row, she agreed to take the sugar out of her coffee and switch half of her fruit servings to vegetables.  There was never any resistance – only eagerness to see what could happen with the new changes she was making.

At the same time, Amy was working incredibly hard in the gym.  I knew I would get 100% effort out of her every single workout.  Here are a few videos of her showing off some pretty impressive strength:

Amy Assisted Chin Ups

Amy Decline Pushups

Amy Trap Bar Deadlift

These lifts are even more impressive when you realize that less than a year ago Amy couldn’t even do one pushup – never mind ten with her feet elevated!  She is a perfect representation of the fact that girls NEED to lift heavy weights.  Not only does heavy weight training burn fat like crazy, it also increases metabolism, strength and bone density.  Amy also proves that contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights will NOT make a girl “bulky.”  As you can see from her before and after pictures, Amy has not only lost weight, but her muscle tone has improved.  Girls who spend their days on eliptical machines and treadmills may eventually lose some weight, but they will be burning off muscle instead of fat and will end up looking “skinny fat” (not a good look!)  Amy is proud of her strength and even embraces the calluses that go along with it!

Did I say she “embraces” her calluses? Sorry, I meant to say LOVES

Amy has completely gone beyond my expectations and I am so proud of her for the work she has put in and the accomplishments she has made.  When asked about her thoughts on the process she said,

“I have had more success than I ever imagined from training and taking classes at the Training Room.  Lauren is excellent to work with – by always staying consistent and supportive at the same time.  The best part is that I really love working out there and always feel great afterwards.”

She also noted that she could go on for days about it, but I asked her to keep it  brief. 🙂  I hope that everyone reading this is inspired and motivated by Amy’s commitment to her health.  The TR is very proud to have another success story in the books!  Way to go Amy!!

Amy Before at 165lb and 30% Body Fat
Amy Before

Amy Now at 133lb and 20% Body Fat
A quick photo shoot between sets of deadlifts and pullups! Love you Amy!

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