Client Spotlight – Danielle D.

Danielle began training at the TR in July of 2011.  She was determined to loose weight, but one of the biggest challenges she faced was her crazy schedule.  Danielle works at MGH, and her schedule is insane.  She often works for long stretches with no days off, or she works nights one week and then days the next.  Her inconsistent schedule always made sticking with a regular exercise routine challenging.  Her eating habits, as a result of her work schedule, were also erratic.  Sometimes on her feet at all hours of the night, she has few breaks for healthy meals and no way of predicting her meal times.  Often she would settle for quick bites of whatever was available and convenient, regardless of how the food was processed or prepared.

Danielle at 173lbs

Now, Danielle tries to plan ahead.  She brings pocket-sized snacks from home such as fruit or nuts, so that if she doesn’t get a break, at least she has something healthy and energizing to reach for until she can sit down to eat.  When eating out after a long shift with co-workers, Danielle has made small changes to what she orders, such as veggies or salad instead of fries, or a burger without the bun.  She has also reduced her alcohol consumption by at least half.  In the beginning, not ordering a beer was a challenge, only because the habit was hard to break from a social standpoint.  After a while though, Danielle started to see the positive benefits in the way she looked and felt, and others started to notice.  Alcoholic drinks became a treat instead of a routine.  Fresh foods and protein-packed snacks like Greek yogurt are now commonplace.


Danielle has lost over 30lbs from her starting weight, and 8% body fat. She can now do 3 sets of 10 full push-ups, an exercise that seemed impossible 8 months ago.

Her workout routine is not overly aggressive, but it is smart.  She comes in once per week for a one-on-one session where we work on exercise form and technique, gradually increasing the weights and difficulty of the circuits.  When her schedule allows, she shoots for one at-home strength routine that consists mainly of body-weight exercises and lasts no more than 30-minutes.  She also started running outdoors 1-2 times per week for about 30 minutes.

Danielle continues to get stronger each week and lose weight at a healthy rate.  We are so proud of you Danielle!  Much TR love!





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  1. Pat

    Danielle is the reason I started working out/eating right and continues to be a source of motivation and inspiration. I know I’m not alone when I say, I’m so proud of you! Keep kicking butt!


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