Client Spotlight – Robert J.

Robert J. Completes 34-mile Stand-Up Paddleboard Race

What brought you to the TRAININGROOM?

I had always worked out on my own, had the will power to do so, but was not getting the results I desired. Wanting to go to that next level, I started to search for personal trainers that could tailor-make a program for my needs- not a general cookie-cutter approach.

I saw the great Yelp reviews for TR, and contacted them.

What were your training goals? And have they been met?

Initially they were broad–get in better shape. Regan created an excellent yet challenging program that far exceeded my goal. After about 5 months or so of progressive training, I discovered the sport of stand up paddle boarding. This in turn led me to a very specific and quite large goal of completing a 34 mile SUP race/event this past summer. Regan switched gears and created a new training program for me that centered on balance and core strength.

I finished the race– it stands as one of my life’s proudest accomplishments, and would not have been able to do it without Regan’s help.

What motivates you?

Wellness, continuous improvement, and the adventure of pushing the physical boundaries of my body.

What are your sessions like with your trainer?

Highly productive, hard core, very challenging, uber positive, and thoughtful with an intellectual bent towards training and wellness. As much as Regan pushes you to give all that you have, she is equally careful of your form or potential for injury.

How would you describe your overall experience at THETRAININGROOM?

Exceeded my expectations in every way. Everyone has been tremendously helpful and positive while motivating you to go that next level.

What is your favorite exercise your trainer has you do?

Focus on “strength area opportunity” exercises, which, in general, are my least favorite but the best for me!

Any helpful advice/motivational thoughts on a new client walking into THETRAININGROOM?

TR is not an “Attaboy” nor ego trip type of gym–they are a “family” of trainers with a sincere desire to help with your wellness and physical improvement. Add in a lot of fun. All you need to do is show up and give your best!

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