Client Spotlight: Amy, Carlee, Cristina, Kathryn, Kelly & Lizzie

Say hello to 5:30PM Wednesday Night– one of our longest running small group training sessions at The Training Room.  Although these six ladies did not know each other before starting SGT, they have since formed friendships that extend far beyond the TR walls.  (above: Carlee, Amy, and Kelly at the Jingle Bell Run last month) 

 Here’s what they have to say about Small Group Training:

“Small group training is really the anchor of my weekly routine.  It seems that all my other workouts I try to “fit in” to my schedule (which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t- need to work on this!), but SGT is just part of my schedule.  What amazes me is not only that I go to SGT consistently, but that I also consistently look forward to going!

 My small group training experience has been pretty great, on both a fitness and a personal level.  Having played sports for a long time, I sometimes miss the team aspect of physical exercise.  Our small group is kind of like a mini-team, with Heidi as our coach. 🙂  While we have individualized goals and workouts, we’re all working towards the same overall goal of improving our health and well-being.  It’s fun to work out together, and I love seeing all of us getting stronger!”
-Kathryn K.
“Going to Small Group Training is like hitting the mind and body reset button in the middle of my work week.  By Wednesday afternoon my energy is getting low and I’m a little stiff from working at a desk for three days.  Then I go to SGT and afterwards I feel like my energy is back and I’m pumped for the rest of the week. Thursday is then like a new Monday, except with a weekend in two days!  I definitely do not have that experience on weeks I miss SGT.  I’ve stayed with SGT for so long because it is really fun to work out with a crew of people who are so supportive of one another. I love how we all motivate each other to keep going and push harder.  At the same time, we all are trying to balance staying fit with the rest of our busy lives so everyone’s really understanding and non-judgmental. With Heidi’s kickass workouts on top of all that, I can’t think of a better way to do my strength training.”
 -Lizzie L.
“I think the best thing about the weekly routine is that we’re committed to it.  Conflicts come up but for the most part there are no excuses.  I can’t tell myself I’ll go tomorrow.  We do it and it feels great!!  There is something very rewarding about putting your well being first… not in a selfish way, but in a healthy way.  We’ve been fortunate to have such a great supportive group and even though it’s a group experience (and such a fun one) I feel like our weekly workouts are specific to me and I appreciate the attention to detail along with the personalized experience.  I’ve noticed a progression in my training, and more importantly, I walk away feeling really great about myself and life in general.”

-Cristina N.

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