Client Spotlight: Paloma D.

It is our dedicated, consistent and hard-working clients that remind us every day of the power of exercise, setting goals, and accomplishing them.  We asked one of our frequent class-goers, Paloma D, a few questions about her experience at the TR and what has contributed most to her success.
When did you begin training at the TR and what brought you through the door for the first time? 
I began training about a year and three months ago, in February 2014. A combination of things brought me through the door for the first time. My friend Ellen had suggested we try out TR since it is so close to both of us. Some time went by after that suggestion and what eventually actually brought me through the door was the impending doom of wearing a fancy white dress in front of all my friends and family, just a few months away at the time. Once I had the motivation it was pretty easy to get into the habit of going since I live so close to TR1 (I can be out my door and on the bike in like three minutes if I’m in a hurry.)
How many classes per week do you do?  Has this changed since you first starting training here?
I started by sampling a variety of classes: TR ride, 50/50, circuit training, and cross training. I quickly realized I wasn’t in good enough shape for 50/50 or TR ride so I stuck to circuit training and cross training (when that class still existed) for a while. I pretty much attended Tyler’s circuit training class religiously for a while and when I felt like I could handle 50/50, I reintroduced it on a more regular basis. Now I do between five and six classes a week, a combination of circuit training, 50/50, and sports conditioning. I like the variety of structures and trainers and I like knowing what to expect from each of my regular classes.
Did you have specific goals when you first came in?  If so, have those goals been met?
Specifically, I wanted to look good for the wedding pictures. But more generally, I wanted to feel better and more active. I didn’t set an actual weight loss goal because I didn’t want that to be the main driving factor and because I felt like weight loss/gain isn’t always the best indicator or progress. I knew that if I kept going to TR and feeling better and better, that the weight loss would naturally follow. And it did.
I have certainly met all my goals, and even surpassed my expectations of myself and of TR. Going into it, I still thought the gym would be something I’d dread and do more as a chore, but I found myself quickly enjoying it. It shifted from wedding-prep to an essential part of my daily schedule and extremely helpful in releasing the stress of planning the wedding. Once the big day had passed, I couldn’t find a reason to stop going, but mainly I didn’t want to.
Do you have any specific goals you are working toward now? 
Now that I feel strong and in shape, I try to set new goals every once in a while. At the moment I’m working toward being able to do a bodyweight pull up.* I’d also like to feel more comfortable with the full cycling classes that TR offers.

What would you tell people about your experience that could help them have similar success?
I think finding the right class and right trainer to start with was important for me. At the beginning I didn’t just need a trainer, but a good teacher as well. It’s important to get the form right first in order to be more in control of the class and not feel lost all the time. Tyler was the perfect teacher for me and he continues to get me to try harder variations every time.
Other people might prefer to just push through the pain of a super challenging class like 50/50 from the beginning and just stick to it until it gets easier (it never does!) I preferred to ease into it.
As much as I enjoy going to TR most of the time, it’s not always that easy and I don’t always feel like I have enough energy to get through it. But no matter how high or low my energy level is going in, I ALWAYS feel better afterwards. That feeling is ultimately what brings me back through the door almost every day.
*I took my sweet time answering these questions and in the time that passed I actually attained my goal of achieving not one, but three, bodyweight pull ups! Not sure what my next goal should be…

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