Client Spotlight: Whitney Y.

Whitney’s struggle with anxiety and depression let her to pursue exercise as a way to improve her mental health.  We’re so grateful that she took the time to answer a few questions and share her story…


What initially brought you into the The Training Room?

Mental health. Like many people, I have anxiety and depression and last June, I decided to try exercising as a way of managing. I felt anxious about joining a large gym and knew I needed one-on-one attention. I sent an email to the TR explaining my situation and saying that I desperately needed help. I put myself out there and within hours received a response from Heidi who scheduled me for a fitness assessment and set me up with personal training. She suggested I start with Kyle, and almost a year later, I feel better than ever! Now, exercise is a way of life – my friends even jokingly call me Ms. Fitness, which is a far cry from the person who ran off a treadmill a few years ago shouting “I will never set foot in a gym again!”

What has been your favorite part about your training?

I love the education I’ve received since joining the TR. Each trainer spends time explaining what we are doing and why, taking the time to increase my knowledge about fitness, exercise, and movements. I bring out of town friends to the TR at times and I love that the trainers are consistent with teaching proper form and educating guests. They show their passion and knowledge and in turn, it is passed down to their clients. That, my friends, is my favorite part!

How many times per week do you train? Personal training or classes?

I try to get to the TR three times a week. I meet with Kyle twice a week, one day on my own and the other day my fiancée joins us for training. I usually attend a circuit training or sports conditioning class once a week and supplement with workouts at home as well.

Are there any recent strength goals you’ve achieved that you’re particularly proud of?

Completing a bodyweight chinup was an amazing feat! I’ve also been able to deadlift more than my body weight, do weighted pushups, and have unexpectedly fallen in love with kettlebells; however, I’m honestly most proud of the discipline and dedication I have to the TR and the fact that I’ve been doing this 2-3 times a week for nearly a year. Being accountable to my fitness and health is, without a doubt, my greatest accomplishment.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience?

This gym and its people saved my life, what else can I say?


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