Training Room FAQ

What are your membership options?

We do not have any monthly memberships, dues, contracts or fees.  All of our fitness services are purchased individually, so you only pay when you train.

Can I use the facility to workout on my own?

No.  We build custom workout programs to be completed at your home, school, or area gym when you are not training or participating in a group class.

How do I begin training at The Training Room?

There are two ways to get started:

  1. Create an online account and schedule a fitness assessment.
  2. Create an online account and sign-up for any of our regular studio classes.

Can I use my studio class package at both of your facilities?


What is the cancellation policy?

  • 12-hours for all regular studio classes.
  • 24-hours for all personal training sessions.
  • TRAC sessions cannot be made up. If you know you will miss one or more TRAC sessions during the month, we do offer a pro-rated option for TRAC.
  • Classes reserved with the Monthly Unlimited Class Package will be charged $6 for all cancellations less than 12 hours prior to class start time.

Do you have showers?

Yes.  Somerville Ave has one shower and Washington Street has two.

Do you have parking?

Yes.  Both locations have a mix of off-street reserved parking and 2-hour street parking.

What should I bring to my session or class? 

Always bring proper workout attire, footwear, and a water bottle. We provide filtered water and workout towels.

How will I know if my class is canceled due to weather or instructor emergency?

 If you have opted-in to receive our emails, you will receive an email prior to the start of class for all unplanned class cancellations.  In the event of a weather-related cancellation, please check the website to see if class will be held.