Kettlebell Training


Learn how to safely and effectively use kettlebells at The Training Room. All of our kettlebell instructors hold either an HKC, RKC, or SFG kettlebell certification. We heavily emphasize a solid understanding of the basics before progressing. Once our clients can demonstrate proper form and technique for traditional Russian kettlebell movements, they are challenged by increasingly difficult, higher-volume complexes appropriate to their fitness level.

Kettlebells are awesome, but they can be tough to learn and even tougher to teach in a large group. Since there’s a lot to it, we offer two beginner kettlebell workshops each month. If you are brand new, make sure you check the schedule online and sign up in advance so we can cover the basics with you. Once you know the deadlift, swing, tgu and goblet squat, the best way to continue your kettlebell training is by joining a small group or TRAC session. Stick with it, and you’ll eventually be able to drop-in to our advanced level class.

Becoming a kettlebell expert takes time, practice, patience and commitment. If you’re looking for a fast-track to kettlebell mastery, it’s best to book private sessions. Nothing beats a focused, one-on-one lesson when learning a new skill. Email info@thetrainingroomboston.com for more information on kettlebell small group training, upcoming workshops, or testing into our advanced class.

single class 20.
6 class package 105.
12 class package 186.
24 class package 348.
monthly unlimited 182.