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STUDIO Classes

TR 101

There are a few things every TR client should know, and you’ll learn them in our TR 101 class! If you are new to the TR, then this class is where you start. Take the time to learn about our training philosophy, why good movement is important, and how to make exercise part of your ongoing lifestyle for optimal health and wellness. We’ll cover the basics of breathing and heart rate as well as train you how to effectively perform the fundamental movements you’ll see in all of our studio classes and TRAC programs- the deadlift, squat, swing, and push-up position. Don’t skip a step- master the basics first to get the best results!


This metabolic class is set up as a continuous circuit. Participants rotate through a series of stations, spending equal time on each exercise. Rest periods are minimal between stations, and longer when the entire circuit is complete. Exercises vary from class to class, but we always include deadlift and squat variations as well as kettlebell swing progressions – which make it a great class to practice the skills needed for participation in our TRAC program!


This blended class combines cycling and bodyweight strength training into one high-impact hour. Half of the time is spent conditioning on the spin bike and the other half is off the bike, performing strength exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups and core drills. This class is suitable for all levels, although we encourage beginners to attend our TR 101 class first. If you have any current or previous injuries, please contact us prior to signing up for this class to determine if it is the right class for you.


Our indoor cycling classes are hands-down one of the best ways to sweat it out at the TR. We teach from the standpoint of improving cycling performance, so if you are looking to bop about or get your “push ups” in while you’re at it, you may be disappointed. However, if you are looking to rock out, sweat, be inspired, and improve yourself, this class is for you. TR Ride is also perfect for anyone looking to complement their strength training or TRAC program with some extra conditioning.


This class includes everything you love about TR Ride, PLUS we use video footage of the road to enhance the experience or simulate an outdoor course. Seriously.


Sports Conditioning is a high-intensity athletic conditioning class that incorporates plyometric exercises, agility training, and sport-specific drills in order to achieve improvements in cardiovascular health and muscular efficiency. A variety of training tools may be used, including airdyne bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and jump ropes. This is a high-impact class involving running, jumping, planting, twisting, and reacting. Please eat a champion’s breakfast and allow for appropriate digestion time prior to class start.


This kettlebell-only class may be taught in a group skills format or in a circuit depending on the needs and levels of the participants. Come and practice your basic skills or your advanced technique. Variations of each kettlebell skill will be taught, so you choose the drill that is appropriate for you. If you’ve never trained with kettlebells before, we recommend taking our Beginner Kettlebell Workshop AND our TR 101 class prior to signing up for this class.


This morning class is simple, fun, and most of all– effective. Programming will be focused entirely on Turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings. Accessory exercises may be programmed to help participants further their skills, technique and strength with regards to the TGU and swing. Don’t be fooled by a workout with only two exercises… there are unlimited ways to get up and swing! Beginners are encouraged to attend our Beginner Kettlebell Workshop AND our TR 101 class prior to signing up for this class.


This indoor/outdoor class is a daily blend of strength and conditioning designed to challenge your entire body. Expect strength circuits, conditioning drills, running courses, kettlebell training and cycling. This class is suitable for all levels, however, we encourage anyone with a prior injury that could make running, jumping or lower body movement difficult to know their own limits.


Kettlebells are awesome, but they can be tough to learn and even tougher to teach in a large group. Since there’s a lot to it, we periodically offer beginner workshops. We heavily emphasize a solid understanding of the basic movements before progressing. The beginner workshop will cover key concepts based on the needs and level of the workshop participants. Once you’ve mastered the deadlift, swing, goblet squat and Turkish get-up, you’re ready for our Kettlebell Training or Get Up and Swing class! Advanced kettlebell training options include joining a small group or TRAC session. Becoming good with kettlebells takes time, practice, patience and commitment. If you’re looking for a fast-track to kettlebell mastery, it’s best to book private sessions. Nothing beats a focused, one-on-one lesson when learning a new skill.

single class 20.
6 class package 105.
12 class package 186.
24 class package 348.
monthly unlimited 182.