Indoor Cycling


Our cycling theater is equipped with surround sound, video, and Schwinn Performance Plus bikes. Each bike is fitted with a power console to enhance your indoor riding experience. By having a numerical representation of effort, every rider can monitor their own wattage and cadence during class. Not only is it great to see numbers increase and cycling performance improve, but adding structure makes the classes easier to understand and follow.

Training Room Ride

Our indoor cycling classes are hands-down one of the best ways to sweat it out at the TR. We teach from the standpoint of improving cycling performance, so if you are looking to bop about or get your “push ups” in while you’re at it, you may be disappointed. However, if you are looking to rock out, sweat, be inspired, and improve yourself, this class is for you! This all-levels class is also perfect for anyone looking to complement their strength training or TRAC program with some extra conditioning.

Interactive Road:

This class includes everything you’ll find in the Training Room Ride, PLUS we use video footage of the road to simulate an outdoor ride in various locations. Seriously.

Power Ride:

The power meter is always used to maximize performance and push you to the next level. Participants can see a numerical representation of their effort.  No video.

single class 20.
6 class package 105.
12 class package 186.
24 class package 348.
monthly unlimited 182.