TR3 – Burlington Classes

TR3 – Burlington Classes

Strength Training

Our signature strength class. This all-levels class will set a foundation for good movement and progressively build strength.

TR Conditioning

Our signature conditioning class. Build your aerobic base and learn to safely and effectively train at various intensities utilizing heart rate (HR) training zones and recovery strategies. This class is all-levels. Wearable heart rate monitor recommended.

KB Training

Learn and practice proper kettlebell training technique in this all-levels skill acquisition class.

Strength & Conditioning

Coming Soon! This higher level, high intensity class is a combination of everything we do at the TR, which includes strength training, conditioning, and kettle bell training. Strength Training and TR Conditioning are required before taking this class. The participant must be cleared by a coach in order to sign up.

single class 22.
6 class package 120.
12 class package 216.
24 class package 384.
monthly unlimited 190.

TR3 – Burlington Schedule

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